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Presented by: Collin Diedrich, Ph.D.

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Our presenter, Dr. Collin Diedrich has multiple learning disabilities and will share how the help he received at all levels of his academic journey allowed him to become the scientist he is today.

Dr. Diedrich will share his story about overcoming the negatives associated with learning disabilities. He will also discuss how his learning disabilities helped him become a better scientist!

He will discuss the importance of teaching empathy, self-advocacy, how to build on failures, how to overcome imposter syndrome, and how to be allies (jet packs!) to students that think differently.

As long as all of us do our part, school can be a positive environment for students that think differently. A replay of the webinar will be provided for all registrants via email.

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About our Presenter:

Dr. Collin Diedrich has a Ph.D. in Molecular Virology and Microbiology from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, a Certificate in Disability Legal Studies from University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is a postdoctoral associate researching how HIV changes immunological responses to tuberculosis. Dr. Diedrich has multiple learning disabilities and personally understands how thinking differently can be a struggle and a gift.

Dr. Diedrich is an advocate, author, and professional speaker (www.ldphd.org) for students who have learning disabilities. Dr. Diedrich advocates the importance of finding your jet packs (i.e. allies and techniques used to overcome barriers in life)! He is also the founder and president of the Learning Disabilities Association of Pennsylvania (www.ldaofpa.org), a 501c3 non-profit that focuses on providing services and advocating for students that think differently. Dr. Diedrich believes everyone has a talent and everyone has a gift! He wants to help you find yours.