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Planning Interventions for Students with Oral & Written Language Learning Needs

May 17 @ 11:00 am 12:30 pm EDT

Meeting the needs of students with specific learning disabilities involving oral and written skills requires a firm grasp of how sound/word knowledge and sentence/discourse (plus vocabulary) knowledge interact as two separate but essential dimensions of language ability. The Simple View of Reading (SVR), combining word-decoding and language comprehension, offers a way to understand how oral and written language abilities interact, with implications for explaining these relationships to parents and teachers. Without basic language comprehension skills for spoken language, students may read aloud with a degree of competency, yet not understand what they are reading and be unable to answer language comprehension questions on a test (often called specific comprehension deficit, although it may affect language expression in parallel fashion). Without age-level reading decoding skills, on the other hand, students may comprehend grade level discourse when it is spoken or read aloud to them, but not when they are trying to read themselves (often called dyslexia). Or they may have oral and written language learning deficits with varying combinations of these skills (called OWL-LD by Virgina Berninger). In this session, participants will learn to use a quadrant model based on the SVR, and apply it to information from case examples for students assessed with the Student Language Scale (SLS; Nelson, Howes, & Anderson, 2018), Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS; Nelson, Plante, Helm-Estabrooks, & Hotz, 2016), and curriculum-based language assessment (Nelson, 1989) to show how to combine information from these varied sources to plan efficient and effective interventions for students with diverse but connected language and literacy learning needs.

Join us for this webinar live on May 17th, at 11am EST, or watch the recording, which will be distributed to all registrants.

This webinar is FREE to LDA Members, and $30 for nonmembers.