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Beth McGaw, President, Learning Disabilities Association of America, 404.401.9400,

Pittsburgh, PA (October 15, 2019) – Poor diet, too much television, and kids “just being lazy” are not causes of learning disabilities, although one-third of the respondents in a recent study thought these were accurate.

During Learning Disabilities Awareness Month in October, the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is increasing its campaign to address some of the myths and misunderstandings about learning disabilities including dyslexia.

Important facts about LD:

  • Specific learning disability (SLD) is the largest category of school-age children receiving special education services.
  • 2.3 million students are diagnosed with SLD and receive services under IDEA. This represents 35% of all students receiving special education services, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
  • 60% of adults with severe literacy problems have undetected or untreated learning disabilities, according to National Assessment of Adult Literacy.
  • Because learning disabilities (LD) cannot be seen, they often go undetected. Recognizing LD is even more difficult because the severity and characteristics vary.
  • A learning disability is a neurological condition that affects the “wiring” in the brain. This interferes with an individual’s ability to store, process, or produce information.
  • An individual with LD may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling, and/or organizing information.
  • LD often runs in families.
  • LD should not be confused with other disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, autism, deafness, blindness, and behavioral disorders. None of these conditions are learning disabilities.

During the five weeks of October, LDA is providing calendars with activities and information to increase awareness and share knowledge around Learning Disabilities. The calendars are available at

LDA visualizes a world in which learning disabilities are universally understood, so all individuals are accepted, supported, and empowered to live a self-determined life.


About the Learning Disabilities Association of America:

The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is a non-profit organization of parents, educators, adults with LD, and professionals. LDA’s mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities through support, education, and advocacy. For more information go to