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How do I find the right career and/or job if I have a learning disability?

It’s important to choose a career or job where you can use your strengths more than your areas of challenges. The ADAAA protects people with disabilities in the workplace, however, so with the right job accommodations in place, you should be able to find a good match with your strengths and interests.

There are a number of articles about learning disabilities in the workplace at Also, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) at has online information as well as a toll-free number you can call to speak with a disability expert about jobs and disabilities.

What employment opportunities would a student with a Certificate of Completion have?

Students with a Certificate of Completion should be eligible for many of the same employment opportunities as student with high school diplomas, but a good job fit would be something where the student could use his areas of strengths as much as possible. It’s also important to determine appropriate job accommodations and strategies for the more challenging areas.

A good resource for help finding the right job for people with disabilities is your local Rehabilitation Service Agency (RSA) program.

You can find more information about Certificates of Completion vs. high school diplomas here.