Executive Director
National Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA | (Semi-Remote Opportunity)

The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is a national non-profit devoted to the mission of empowering individuals with learning disabilities to thrive and fully participate in today’s society. Originally founded in 1964 by a group of concerned and forward-thinking parents, LDA has a long, impactful history of advancing programs and public policies for individuals with disabilities. Today, LDA utilizes an extensive national network of state and local affiliates to provide a full range of supports to individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and impacted educators. LDA’s comprehensive scope of service includes: developing and promoting practices to evaluate and identify learning disabilities, fostering research for and implementation of best practice strategies for supporting persons with learning disabilities at all stages of life, and advocating for the improvement and protection of the rights of affected individuals and families.

LDA is seeking a leader to envision and guide the organization into the future, expanding organizational reach and increasing LDA’s impact on the disability services and advocacy landscape.

This opportunity is perfect for an innovative, business-minded non-profit professional with experience envisioning new strategic pathways for organizational efficiency and impact and a passion for improving the lives of individuals living with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges nationwide.

The Position
The Executive Director will lead all aspects of organizational function including: collaborating with the Board of Directors, driving efforts to secure diverse funding streams and key strategic partnerships, ensuring operational excellence, sustaining strong, collaborative relationships with LDA’s extensive national affiliate network, and working to expand the organization’s capacity to impact the lives of individuals and families affected by learning disabilities.

Specifically, the Executive Director will have four major areas of focus:

  1. Lead implementation of a recently-adopted strategic plan for expanded and sustainable achievement of the organizational mission.
  2. Oversee the financial sustainability of LDA and actively pursue opportunities for new funding to enhance and expand programming.
  3. Foster and sustain productive and collaborative relationships with the organization’s extensive national network, including building national awareness of LDA’s brand and mission.
  4. Actively support the Board of Directors’ leadership efforts and assisting with the development of board capacity to further organizational impact.


  • Program Design and Delivery: Oversee strategic planning, design, promotion, and delivery of the organization’s framework of programs. Ensure that programming aligns with needs expressed by the individuals and families served.
  • Development: Strategize and implement a comprehensive and diverse agenda of fundraising activities, including conducting a full assessment of resource needs, proactively researching funding sources, establishing innovative and effective fundraising
    strategies, and overseeing the committee responsible for execution of the organization’s flagship event, the annual LDA International Conference.
  • Financial Planning and Management: Oversee the organizational budget, including the management and administration of organization funds, the monitoring of cash flows, and assessment of the organization’s revenues and expenses.
  • External Relations: Serve as LDA’s primary spokesperson. Advance brand awareness and recognition of the organization nationally, and effectively drive strategic marketing of all mission-driven programming.
  • Affiliate and Membership Engagement: Foster positive communication with current affiliates and partners to further LDA’s mission and collaborative relationships. Manage staff executing communications, affiliate relations, and membership retention and
  • Board Development and Governance: Facilitate exemplary organizational governance and board education, as well as participation and effective oversight of all LDA activities. Regularly report to the board on organization activities and promptly report to the board on any issue of significance to the organization.

Core Qualifications:

  • Strong organizational leadership skills, including the ability to empower and oversee an extensive national network of volunteers.
  • Specific experience with leading an organization through a phase of significant growth and development.
  • Evidenced passion and connectedness for supporting the lives of individuals with disabilities gained through professional and/or personal experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in securing and maintaining new public and/or private funding sources of five figures or more.
  • Proven record of managing budgets, organizational finances, and programmatic activities of an organization of with revenue in excess of $1 million.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • At least five years of executive leadership experience with a nonprofit organization.
  • A Bachelors’ Degree with an advanced degree or relevant certifications in nonprofit management, business, or a related area preferred.

Compensation is $100,000 per year with an incentive program. A competitive benefits package is provided, including health insurance, retirement matching program, dental, and vision. This position offers the opportunity to work remotely and provides flexible scheduling, with some regular travel to the national headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA required.

To Apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to with the position title in the subject line. Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Alternatively, use the form below to submit your cover letter resume easily and quickly.

Learning Disabilities Association of America is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information,
or any other basis protected by relevant national and state law.

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