AT 101: Understanding and Advocating for Assistive Technology

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AT 101: Understanding and Advocating for Assistive Technology

Presented by: Carolyn P. Phillips, Director of Tools for LifeCarolyn Phillips, Director of Tools for Life

Join us on Thursday, September 18 at 7pm EST.
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AT 101: Understanding and Advocating for Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can mean different things to different people depending on their disability and can be both low tech and high tech. Join LDA as Carolyn Phillips, Program Director and Principal Investigator of Tools for Life, provides an easy to understand overview on the basics of Assistive Technology (AT) and how it can benefit individuals with learning disabilities in the classroom and in everyday life.

Carolyn P.Phillips is a nationally recognized consultant in the field of assistive technology and disabilities. She has spoken to numerous groups on topics that include assistive technology, advocacy, self-determination and living with a learning disability. Carolyn serves as Director of Tools for Life, the Georgia Assistive Technology Act Program and the Pass It On Center, the National Assistive Technology Reuse Technical Assistance and Coordination Center. She has published articles in numerous journals, a chapter in a book and poetry focused on understanding and appreciating people with disabilities. Carolyn has dedicated her time and energy to promoting independence for people with disabilities through advocacy, education, assistive technology and fundraising. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, and her Master’s Degree from the University of Kentucky. Carolyn lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. Professor Dr. Safaa Issa says

    Unable to go through the Webinar session as it was full, I shall be waiting for its archives.

    Best wishes.

    • Thank you Dr. Issa. The archived version should be up soon. Thank you for your interest!

    • ldaamerica says

      The archived version of the AT101 webinar can now be found on the website. Go to Media Room in the Navigation bar and then Webinars. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Professor Dr. Safaa Issa says

    Unfortunately I was unable to go through the webinar as the session was full. I hope we will be able to get through the web that would display the archived session. Thank you and best wishes.

    Safaa Issa ,
    Menofia University, Egypt

  3. Will it be posted after the event. We have a commitment that conflicts.

  4. Anne Munkenbeck says

    I am unable to register for your webinar on AT this Thursday,Sept. 18th 2014. The page will not load. Can you send me a link via email?
    Thank you,

    • LDA of America says

      Hi Anne,

      We’ve fixed the issue with the link and you should be able to register now.

      Thanks so much for your interest.

  5. What is price?

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