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Get inspired by adults who overcame their learning disabilities to find happiness and success in their lives.

Dan SpencerDan Spencer, USFWS biologist

Dan Spencer shares how struggling with his disability brought him to where he is today. Dan had a love of the outdoors from a young age and his He shares his story of how he was able to use his love of the outdoors to his advantage to raise public awareness and reach as many learning disability affected individuals as possible.

Dan’s blog chronicles his struggles and the positive outcomes in his life despite his learning disabilities.

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  1. This is so inspiring! I wish him success on behalf of the staff of
    Many people are suffering with learning disabilities and they are dubbed as morons, incapable, inefficient and losers by the people. It’s time awareness should be spread about learning disabilities so that people suffering from it may overcome it and lead a normal life.

  2. I love your story you inspired me to become better I love listening to music and I am going back for my ged since I completed 12 years of school graduated with out a high school diploma. I always wanted to become an medical assistant or an actor…..

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