2018 Call for Proposals

LDA 55th Annual International Conference

Jennifer Harkins, Program Co-Chair
Loreena Parks, Program Co-Chair

Learning Disabilities Association of America is seeking submissions for the 2018 Conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on February 21-24, 2018. Anyone wishing to present a poster, facilitate a table talk or present a formal lecture style presentation is invited to submit a proposal.

LDA values sessions that present current and best practices, including basic information about the nature of learning disabilities as well as innovative approaches to advocacy, assessment, intervention, and instruction. Also sought are sessions that present new ways to ensure successful transition, utilize assistive technology, access the general curriculum, provide a continuum of services, and foster productive adulthood. Of particular interest are hands-on practical techniques for Table Talk and reports of research for Poster Sessions. A special focus will be placed on research of best practices and skill building of both children and adults in culturally diverse populations.

It is expected that basic and advanced presentations will be offered to provide both new and experienced conference attendees current information and opinion on both continuing and evolving topics of interest and concern.

Please note that presenters are limited to one major presentation and that sessions may not promote commercial products and/or services.

Deadline for submissions has passed. Submissions are no longer being accepted for 2018.



  1. arnetta murray says:

    I’m a Special Ed Teacher I wish I could speak on Teaching the Medically Fragile..

    • LDA of America says:

      Hi Arnetta,

      Thanks for your interest. We’re currently taking proposals for speakers for the 2016 Conference. You can find out more and submit your proposal here: https://ldaamerica.org/2016-call-for-proposals/

    • April Smith says:

      Mrs. Murray,
      You can do whatever you put your mind to, isn’t that what we are teaching? Like you, I am a Special Education teacher. Who better to present information related to our students with special needs than someone who is in the classroom, working directly with the students?
      I say, make a proposal…I plan to attend the conference and I promise, if you are a presenter I will attend your session. I know you are qualified and your information will definitely help other educators, therapists and specialists.
      Good luck!

    • Arnetta,
      I hope you decided to submit a session. You have an interesting topic and obviously know a lot about it. There will be others at the conference who are also interested. When I was a resource teacher, I had one student that was medically fragile and I really didn’t know much about her condition or what I could do for her. If you see this message today and have not submitted a proposal, you have until midnight…go for it! Best wishes for a great summer!

  2. Dr. Lois Carme says:

    I have been Director of both Art and Music Departments for elementary children, for over twenty years, where I taught children, with a variety of disabilities. I also founded a Pilot Program, in Massachusetts, entitled, “Sounds of Silence” where I offered Dance and Movement classes for Deaf and Multiply-Handicapped children. I am a Concert Harpist and a Professional Vocalist, in Florida and have had my first children’s book (motivational for both children and parents), entitled, “Yes I Can” which incorporates a ‘different’ learning style into the musical success of the protagonist.
    I am, also, an Adjunct Professor of Law and, during my career have seen all sorts of issues with Care and Protection of Children. I am, sincerely, trying to formulate some type of speaking presentation as well as trying to organize a Fund Raising Event (with either my orchestra or an existing orchestra in another area)
    I, completely agree with April Smith when she says that people can do whatever they put their mind to…I have witnessed it, so many times in my teaching career. Dr. Lois Carme, Naples, Fl

  3. Do you have an exhibit hall at this conference?

  4. Well I’m a 51year old female who lives in Columbia S.C. and I Have multiple LD’S. Being a LD person in a poor family is very hard.Then to grow up and to wonder why your friends could make A’s and B’s and I was trying hard and only could make C’s and D’s no matter how hard I tried it bother me a great deal.My dad was a book brain person and common sense person.So that’s who would help me read and write up until 3rd grade Elementary School.My mom didn’t understand Education she was a smart person but she was the common sense and artistic person .So she didn’t understand education and how it would affect her five kids. My education suffered after my father died in a car accident in 1975.I would love to tell my story.I had daughter in 1990 whom help me fine my answers because she as born with LD also. Please help me to tell my story.

  5. I’m actually wondering if there are school programs that I can get involved with where I can speak with Special education students about my journey and accomplishments to encourage them that they too can succeed.

    Thank you for your time.

    • annette says:

      Hello Raylene and Sheila Beaufort,

      Reading both of your post moved me to post, I was diagnosed at very young age with having a learning disability. and like you stated Sheila growing up poor didn’t help at all as child I was told that I wouldn’t amount to nothing. Boy did I prove those people wrong, I am 28 years old with no children the first in my family to graduate from collage with Human Service degree. I would love to contact you both and speak at the Conference.

  6. Isaac Osae-Brown says:

    As an Education Specialist and speaker advocating for the needs of all individuals with disabilities in California, i’m determined to provide the best resources of what everyone should know about Special Education in our communities. A colleague directed me to submit my proposal for your forthcoming conference. I can’t wait to share!

  7. Akena Allen says:

    I would speak on my experience of being dyslexic, and the gifts that I enjoy using from it.

  8. Hi from Turkey,

    I am a Ph.D. student and research assistant. I study about learning disability’s social and emotional side.
    I want to share my research and experiments. But I need financial support for attending the conference. Do you have a scholarship for students?

    • LDA of America says:

      Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Atlanta conference. Unfortunately, we do not have any scholarships or financial assistance available for students. We hope you are able to find a way to come and experience LDA.

  9. Paula Brand says:

    Can someone explain to me what it means to present a poster and what a Table Talk is? I am sorry, but I am not familiar with those, but perhaps might be interested in doing something next year. Also how long is a formal lecture presentation?

    • LDA of America says:

      Thank you for your interest in the LDA Conference. Table talks and posters are very different. A Table Talk is geared toward teachers and designed to give them access to a lot of information in a shorter amount of time. Attendees participate in mini-sessions that last 20 minutes each and then move onto another table for a different topic. For the Table Talk sessions, the presenter gives an informal talk to a different group of 10-15 attendees 3 times over 60 minutes. These are informal and are a fun and great way to interact and give information. Posters are research posters that provide results of a recent research studies and projects related to LDA. We set up visual posters while the presenter stands near the poster and discusses the material to small groups. Our lecture sessions are standard presentations that last 60 minutes in a room with classroom seating. I hope this helps and we hope you submit for our 2018 event in Atlanta!

  10. What is the cost to attend the conference in 2018?

    • LDA of America says:

      Hi Cyndee,

      Our rates are not changing from our 2017 Conference and will be $315 Members and $465 non-members. Also speakers do get a discount on attendance.

  11. I am practitioner on Disabilities issue of NGO in Indonesia. I would like to ask you. What the funds sponsor for the participants of this event ? Please inform me. Thank you

    • LDA of America says:

      Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Atlanta conference. Unfortunately, we do not have any scholarships or financial assistance available for speakers. We hope you are able to find a way to come and experience LDA.

  12. Regina N Williams says:

    I would like to confirm that my proposal for a conference session was received. Who can I contact in order to confirm that it was received?

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