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LDA Legislative News – January 2017

DeVos Nomination Slows, Still on Track The Committee confirmation vote on Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos is now scheduled for January 31. While critics of her nomination continue to fight, a week’s delay beyond the original date for a vote should not necessarily be interpreted to mean her confirmation is in jeopardy. In fact the delay was most likely provided to allow Committee members to review extensive financial disclosures released since the public hearing on DeVos’s nomination earlier this month. In response to a request for a second hearing for DeVos from Democratic members of the Senate Health, Education,… Read More »

Executive Function and the Reading Brain Keynote

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary-Clare Reynolds, LDA Executive Director, 412.341.1515, ext. 206 Executive Function and the Reading Brain Keynote Learning Disabilities Conference in Baltimore, Feb. 16-19 Pittsburgh, PA (January 24, 2017) – Leading researchers in two primary areas of importance to educators, professionals, parents, and individuals with learning disabilities will bring their findings and knowledge to the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s (LDA) 54th Annual International Conference on February 16-19 at the Baltimore (MD) Marriott Waterfront. “Executive Function: A Foundation for Learning and Adaptation” will be addressed on Friday, Feb. 17, by Philip Zelazo, Ph.D., the Nancy M. and John E. Lindahl Professor… Read More »

Assistive Technology. Discover the solutions to help you succeed.

Say hello to the technology that will make studying, learning, and working a lot easier. Study, learn, and work in your own way. When it comes to education and employment, information is often presented in challenging ways. Fortunately, there are countless amazing technology products designed to help you access information. The right technology. How to get started. Assistive Technology programs can: Demonstrate AT Software  and equipment. Make recommendations for hardware, software and resources. Create strategies for cost-effective implementation. Conduct training on AT equipment and software. Assist with finding technology funding resources. Explore the Possibilities Below! Download this Information in our… Read More »

What Employers Should Know About Learning Disabilities

What is a learning disability? A learning disability (LD) is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to process information. Every person with a learning disability is unique and has a different combination and degree of difficulties. These difficulties are manifested in the acquisition and use of one or more of the following areas of processing information: listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or mathematical abilities. Learning disabilities occur irrespective of race, culture or class. People with LD possess average or above average intelligence levels, and often have varying areas of ability, or “a weakness within a sea of strengths.” They… Read More »

How College Students with LD Can Self-Advocate

What is self-advocacy? Self-advocacy is the act of representing yourself and your interests by speaking up for yourself. It means explaining your learning disability to others, and telling them how you use your strengths and accommodations to succeed. To be an effective self-advocate, you must: Know and act for yourself by first understanding your disability, strengths, and needs. Know what is best for you and tell your school’s disability services office what you need to accommodate your learning disability. Know how to get what you need. You can first role-play giving a description of your needs with someone you feel… Read More »

Leading Authority Edward Hallowell, M.D. Keynotes Conference on Learning Disabilities Feb. 16-19 in Baltimore

One in five children struggle with learning disabilities (LD) and attention issues. The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), founded in 1963, is uniquely qualified to assist individuals with LD and their support systems in finding solutions to maximize potential across the lifespan. LDA’s 54th Annual International Conference on February 16-19 at the Baltimore (MD) Marriott Waterfront is a comprehensive resource for parents, educators, adults with LD, and professionals. Read more…