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LDA Legislative News – August 2015

Advocates Mark 25th Anniversary of ADA On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into the law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The effort to end institutional discrimination against individuals with disabilities was a true bipartisan effort, with Republican Senator Lowell Weicker as the Senate sponsor and Democratic Representative Tony Coehlo sponsoring the House version.  Now on the 25th anniversary, the ADA continues to provide protections for individuals with disabilities in hiring, public accommodations, healthcare, education and other arenas and has served as a model for other countries as they move to enact similar laws.     While… Read More »

Smart Ways to spend the Summer

With summer in the air, many parents worry about how to keep their children’s brains occupied with something other than TV and video games.  It’s a very valid concern, as kids lose an average of two months of math computation skills and 25% of their reading skills over the summer.  Is it any wonder that teachers typically spend between four and six weeks re-teaching material when kids return to school in the fall? The brain experts, Beth Ardell and Susie McDaniel, co-owners of LearningRx in Atlanta have put together a list of ideas to help you keep your kids’ brains… Read More »

Lazy Days of Summer? No Way!

Designing a summer program by keeping a balance of fun and structure can be difficult for busy families. Preparation may be the key to enjoying the summer. As you plan for the summer, consider the needs of your child and family. Define your budget and family vacation/activity schedule. Whatever plans you make for your child should fit comfortably within those parameters. Respect your child’s social and emotional needs. He may want a break from school work over the summer. Keep in mind that he is probably working hard in school at the time you must decide on summer plans. He may feel less… Read More »