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2015 Conference Keynote Speaker | The “Shut Up Sisters”

Gina (Terrasi) Gallagher and Patricia (Terrasi) are sisters who share a love of wine, humor, and writing (excluding checkwriting). They are also among the growing number of parents raising children with disabilities. Inspired by the success of their sisterly heroines, Mary Kate and Ashley, and fed up with listening to parents brag about their “perfect children” and never asking about theirs, the sisters decided to seek therapy by writing a book. So in 2006, they self-published their first book, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! The Movement of Imperfection, which explores the humorous, heartwarming side of raising an imperfect child… Read More »

2015 Conference Keynote Speaker | Betsy Beaumon

Betsy Beaumon is the VP and General Manager of the Global Literacy Program at Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit with a vision to serve humanity through technology. Her largest social enterprise service is Bookshare, an online accessible library serving over 300,000 users with print disabilities.  She also runs Route 66 Literacy, a service for adolescent and adult beginning readers, as well as the DIAGRAM Center, an R&D center focused on accessible images and math. Ms. Beaumon is an authority on digital accessible materials in education and coined the phrase “born accessible,” imagining a future in which all content, including mathematical… Read More »

Is there any way you guys can help me figure out what my learning disability is?

    Question: I am currently a college student who has a learning disability but am not sure what the name of my learning disability is. All I know is that I’m allowed extra time for tests. Is there any way you guys can help me figure out what my learning disability is? Answer: A good beginning is to review your latest full psychological report.  The disability services office at your college most likely has a copy of that report since you are receiving services typically available only to students who have presented current documentation. If you or the college… Read More »